Houston Local SEO Link Building

Local SEO Link Building Strategies for this Year

Local link building is an integral part of our Houston Local SEO.  However, before we start with your link building, you need to know the difference between a local link and regular link.  The regular link is the link that we normally use for a national campaign.  The local links, on the other hand, are the links from the local sources such as the websites that are related to your city.  For instance, if you are running a law firm in Houston and you want us to build your local link, then we will probably consider linking to Houston colleges and universities, Houston newspapers and others.

Simple Houston Link Building Strategy Used by Our Company. When analyzing the strategies that we mentioned below, understand that there are instances that it may not work for you.

Citation Building

A citation is basically a website that is mentioning the name or contact information of your business.  This specific mention will most commonly include a link which points directly to your website.  This type of mention holds a merit to the search engine algorithm that affects the credibility and authority of a website.  This citation can be categorized into two types; structured and the unstructured citation building.  Structured are basically the mentions that you receive on local business directories and listings.  Unstructured are the links from the blogs, event listing, news website and others.  You will probably think that it is just a normal directory building, but it’s different. By employing this technique, we can guarantee that your online authority will improve considerably.

Business Association

One of the simplest links that we can get would be from the local business association especially if you are willing to join their community.  We will check for the local professional association in your area.  Our Houston link building will have a dramatic boost once we get a mention from the professional association since they are considered relevant and credible site.  When we are joining a local association, we also make sure that their site can be crawled by the Google spiders.

Your Existing Relationship

Making use of your existing relationship will definitely be beneficial for your local business.  Every business will have to work with another business if they want to succeed even if it is just about Local SEO Link Building.  Look at the people who are working with you such as the supplier of your goods or the courier company that delivers your product.  Their official site may have a partner or vendor page, we can ask them to add your link on the Vendor Page.  In case they do not have the Partners Page, we can simply write a testimonial about their company.

Finally, jobs page can also be used in your Houston Local SEO link building.  If you have a job page on your official site, we can definitely use this to promote your page on national and local job directories.  We will add all the necessary details about the job opening.  This kind of link is super easy to build, and they are quality links.  This is the best opportunity for you to boost your local presence.  Remember that Houston SEO is not only limited to these strategies.  We have the ability to conduct limitless link building techniques that is ideal for your business.

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