FastComet Hosting Plans

FastComet Hosting Plans & Exclusive Coupon Codes For Them

If you have an eye on FastComet Hosting or planning to buy. Then this article is a must-read for you. In this article, we have shared all the details about FastComet Hosting plans & exclusive coupon codes from them.

Get any FastComet Hosting plan at a huge discount offer via an exclusive coupon code. So stick till the end to find out those exclusive coupon codes.

We will start from the basics of FastComet Hosting and then will move to the plans and coupon codes.

So let’s begin…

FastComet Hosting

FastComet is a premium and number one choice for a web hosting solution. If you are reading this then you already know about its popularity. It is recognized as one of the top choices of bloggers to host a website or heavy applications.

FastComet Hosting comes with the latest technologies which provide cutting edge speed and performance. All these services are offered at a very affordable price. All the plans are affordable for all types of bloggers or businesses.

FastComet Hosting Plans

FastComet’s end goal is to provide opportunity and mind-blowing service to everyone in this world. they want everyone to have the flexibility to start their online business. That is why every hosting plans are affordable.

But, don’t judge their plans and services based on the affordable price. Their service is 10x faster than another hosting in the market. It has been awarded the best quality customer support and web solution.

We have got a bit idea about FastComet Hosting. now, let’s know about their hosting service and features. Will get to know why it is a top choice for bloggers.

FastComet Top Features

1. Free Domain Name

FastComet welcomes their new clients with a 1-year domain subscription for free. The client won’t have to pay the domain renewal fee for 1 year. It is an amazing way to welcome new users.

2. Free Website Transfer

Moving to new web hosting is a pain. Now, FastComet doesn’t want their clients to take the stress. So they offer a free website and domain migration from experts. Their experts are best in their job and move all data and website within 24 hours.

3. Free SSL Certificate

Providing safety to the user’s data is a prime concern for business. SSL certificate is very important for encrypting the user data on the website. so no one can access and read users’ data that being transferred.

FastComet knows this problem, so they provide free SSL certificates to save their clients time and money.

4. SSD Storage

FastComet have built their system with SSD drives. SSD drives are much faster than ordinary drives. This results in faster database access and serving the reader. The reader need not have to wait for the data anymore.

SSD drives to enhance the WordPress website speed because of faster page rendering and accessing data.

5. Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare CDN is an awesome service that enables the website to reach global users. It is a network of servers that have the website copy. It identifies and serves the user from their nearest serve.

This saves time and the user able to experience fast and smooth service. It is very costly if purchase separately but FastComet included it for free.

6. 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

FastComet is so confident about its services and support. That they offer 45 days money-back guarantee policy. This keeps the client free from any commitment to the services. the client is free to cancel the service and get all the money back within 45 days.

FastComet knows their user will not leave because of all the premium services they provide and amazing support.

we saw a few popular FastComet features that are provided with every plan. There are more features that I didn’t mention. Because it would become boring to read. All the features and services are available on FastComet’s official page.

Now, let’s talk about the FastComet Hosting plans. There are different types of hosting plans. These plans are well designed for specific websites and applications.

FastComet Hosting Plans

They offer 3 types of hosting plans. Shared hosting, VPS cloud hosting, and Dedicated CPU server hosting. they all have basic features included and only vary in resources and price. We will learn more about plans and will know which one is for which websites and applications.

FastComet Hosting Plans

1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a basic type of hosting. in shared hosting, there are multiple clients on a single server. This means there will be multiple websites hosted on the same server. So a single server is provided to many clients.

This is the reason why shared hosting is a bit cheaper than another hosting. it is because the performance is being compromised with a price.

When other clients’ websites will put a load on the server, then it has some effect on other clients’ website performance. It is best suitable for beginners and new websites.

Because in the start there is no need for extreme resources and CPUs.

2. VPS Cloud

VPS Cloud is an advance level web hosting plan. It is higher and a bit expensive from shared hosting. it is because a single server is provided to a single client. This way the client has full control over the server resources.

They don’t have to share resources with others and don’t put the load on the servers. It is the best fit for medium and big type of websites. It is designed to sever thousands of users at once. So there is no chance of server breakdown and slow speed.

3. Dedicated CPU Server Hosting

It is the highest and most powerful Server. It is designed for handling huge traffic and performance CPU intensive tasks. Applications which are required to perform graphic processing and huge calculation they use this hosting.

It is used by big companies and applications for running their application such as machine learning applications, GPU intensive applications, video processing, and more. it is very expensive and suitable for only big companies.

We learned about a few main types of web hosting of FastComet. There are some more such as WordPress hosting, Magento hosting, woo-commerce hosting.

Now, let’s end up this article with FastComet hosting coupon codes and discounts.

FastComet Hosting Plans: Exclusive Coupon Codes

Even though FastComet hosting services are very affordable for all. But still, some bloggers don’t have much budget to invest in the hosting service. So for them, FastComet Hosting comes up with coupon codes and discount offers.

With the help of these offers, those who are in genuine need can purchase that hosting at less price. So it is a very amazing way to server needy bloggers the opportunity to use premium services and grow.

FastComet at every festival and holidays put some big discount offers for their new clients. remember all these coupon codes and discount offers are valid for a limited time. So the user has to grab this opportunity fast before someone else does it.

FastComet Halloween Sale

Currently, FastComet has started a Halloween sale on the occasion of Halloween. So people are ready and excited to buy premium hosting plans in huge discount offers. They have offered two discount offers for shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

FastComet Hosting Discount

The first coupon code is for all shared hosting plans. There is 70% off on all shared hosting plans and provides free migration with 24/7 support. There are other services as well which you can check on their official website.

The coupon code is “TREATS70”.

FastComet Coupon70% OFF
70% OFF FastComet Shared Hosting Halloween Sale
During this FastComet Halloween Sale, you can subscribe to their shared hosting plans with a whopping 70% discount. All you need to do is just activate this offer.

The second coupon code is for VPS cloud and dedicated hosting plans. There is 40% off on all the VPS and dedicated plans.

The coupon code is “TREATS40”.

FastComet Coupon40% Discount
40% OFF FastComet Cloud VPS Hosting During Halloween Sale
During this great event, you can save up to 40% on the Cloud VPS Hosting plans. All you need to do is click the Get Deal to activate the offer and purchase the FastComet VPS Hosting with a massive 40% discount.

The coupon code is required to be added at the time of checkout. So choose any plan you want to purchase and then copy and paste this code into the checkout page. Once the coupon is applied. Complete the payment process and your account will instantly get activate.

Final Words on FastComet Hosting Coupon Codes

For many bloggers who don’t have an income source, it is hard and expensive to start a website. so the most common thing they do is start their website with cheap or free hosting.

Following your dream is not bad but using bad service will only destroy that dream. With the bad hosting service, there is no result of how many hours you put into the website. In the end, all the efforts will drain down.

So, it is always recommended for new bloggers to use only reliable web hosting. however, if the price of that hosting is high for your budget. Then just wait for the right moment. When they any discount offer then go and grab that opportunity.

It is 100x time better to wait and use the right web hosting. it will help the website to perform well and see amazing results. In a few years, the website will grow and generate a good income.

So, what are you waiting for? go and grab FastComet Hosting coupon codes and discount offers.